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CMO v CIO, with IT in the middle

A couple of documents that came my way this week seem to foreshadow some pretty seismic shifts in the way IT resources are procured and managed in large organisations.

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Dealing with digital pervasiveness

A tweet popped up in my feed last week, just a picture, a slide quoting the chairman and CEO of Accenture, Pierre Nanterme, saying: “Digital transformation is massive, unprecedented and pervasive.” He might have added “and happening very fast”. 

Digital disruption: flavour of the month?

If you’ve had any involvement in IT over the last couple of years you’ll know that digital transformation and digital disruption are flavour of the month: the literature abounds with predictions of cataclysmic upheavals to the established order.

In search of cloud governance

Earlier this year the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) published a report Cloud Adoption, Practices and Priorities. Its main focus was to tease out the level of shadow IT in organisations, but it also looked at enterprises’ approach to cloud governance – how an organisation develops and imposes policies and procedures around cloud usage.

It’s time to converge, and to share

Earlier this year, in a post titled Convergence? You ain't seen nothing yet, I commented on a press release from Frost & Sullivan that identified four types of convergence — products, technologies, industries and competition.

Getting the measure of digital disruption

We’ve all heard how digital disruption is overturning the established order, turning the giants of industry, like now defunct Kodak, to dust and spawning disruptive innovators like Uber and Airbnb.

What keeps IT security pros awake at night?

In April the Ponemon Institute published a report The State of Data Security Intelligence, reporting its research into ”how organisations are using data security intelligence to assess and minimise risks to their sensitive and confidential information on premise and in the cloud.”

News ways to innovate

This is the third of my blogs looking at the most popular in a series of Harvard Business Review reports published by The Enterprisers Project, an online community set up to discuss the evolving role of CIOs and how they can maximise their impact on the business.

How to be a digitally transformative CIO

Over the last couple of blogs I've been looking at a series of reports published by the Harvard Business Review as part of The Enterprisers Project, an online community set up to discuss the evolving role of CIOs and how they can maximise their impact on businesses faced with the need to successfully embrace the forces of digital disruption.

Driving digital transformation, an uphill battle

Driving Digital Transformation: New Skills for Leaders, New Role for the CIO,the Harvard Business Review report that I mentioned last week covers ground that is now all too familiar: the need f