Infrastructure as-a-Service

A combination of hardware, servers, storage, software and networks expertly managed and maintained by a specialist cloud services provider is Infrastructure as-a-Service - IaaS.

IaaS environments are versatile and flexible where scalable resources and levels of management are key to performance. The bonus with IaaS - you only pay for the services consumed, eliminating concerns about initial investment and capital expenditure.

Axelera’s experience and expertise in virtualisation support a complete cloud ecosystem enabling you to streamline your workloads and optimise the performance of your applications.

The team at Axelera performs scheduled maintenance, administrative tasks, backup planning, system monitoring and many other services i.e. total management of the infrastructure. Our IaaS is not just a commodity but a complete tailored service.

Compute - Windows & Linux

Cloud compute does not require servers, software licenses, network equipment, power or office space to host your servers.  Remove this from your day-to-day operation and you free your resources to concentrate on what really matters to your organisation.

Compute at Axelera provides improved performance, flexibility, robust and secure solutions, all at a reduced cost at a Pay-as-You-Go model.

  • Enterprise-grade Software - VMWare Enterprise Plus platform with customised API and enhanced security wrapper for business
  • Business Focused SLAs - Multiple SLAs including penalty rebates and 99.95% uptime targets
  • Multiple Regions & Availability - Virtual servers deployed in separate regions and separate zones providing high availability and redundancy
  • Enhanced Security - A primary focus in our business cloud environment
  • Powerful Storage - Our cloud servers run on enterprise grade SAN storage with guaranteed IO performance
  • Managed Services - Every virtual server comes with 24 x 7 local support and optional levels of managed services

Axelera supports the following:

Windows OS:

  • Windows Server 2008 Enterprise R2 (64-bit)
  • Windows Server 2012 Datacenter
  • Windows Server 2012 R2
  • Managed MS SQL Server 2008

Linux OS*:

  • VMWare - CentOS 6 64bit
  • VMWare - Ubuntu 12.04 LTS 64bit
  • VMWare - Ubuntu 14.04 LTS
  • VMWare - CentOS 6 Cloud Linux
  • VMWare – Redhat 6/7

* The following OS can be installed on Axelera infrastructure but are not supported by our Managed services and Support Teams — Linux Mint, Debian, Fedora, Arch, Gentoo, Arch, Apache Solr, Cashing – Nginx micro-cache

Linux Databases**: MySQL, MariaDB

** The following Databases can be installed on Axelera infrastructure but are not supported by our Managed services and Support Terms — Filemaker, DB2, MongoDB, PostgreSQL

Control Panels: C-Panel


Axelera provides a cost effective storage solution ideal for growing and mid-sized companies - organisations who often lack the resources required to set up their own IT infrastructure or do not have skilled in-house technical resources to maintain and manage an offsite cloud environment.

Our storage solutions facilitate file sharing, encryption, version control, secure access, file level recovery and logging and are available in three simple options:

  • Standard SAN Storage - Nearline Storage (10k RPM) 100 to 500 IOPS

  • Premium SAN Storage - SAS Storage (15k RPM) 500 to 2000 IOPS

  • SSD Storage - 5000 to 25000 IOPS

Designed for medium to high I/O requirements, directly mounted to each virtual machine (VM), formatted as required, and used to store any type of data.

Axelera’s storage solutions are flexible, scalable, cost effective, easy to set-up and use and have high availability.


Networking is the highway to your public or private cloud.  As a network enables critical functionality such as file sharing, sharing a variety of devices and the uniform delivery of software and protocols, your network must be designed and managed correctly.  Poorly planned networks can quickly be bogged down and have a detrimental impact on your operations.

To ensure your network will function to your advantage, Axelera's team assesses, designs, delivers and manages your networks and secured internet access to allow your business to operate seamlessly and continuously.

Our Networking solutions deliver the interoperability, functionality, and reliability you should expect.

  • Dedicated virtual firewall appliance with full NAT functionality
  • Load balancing to multiple internal virtual machines
  • VMs with a mix of both private and public IPs
  • VMs with a mixture of Linux and Windows operating systems
  • Virtual servers ranging from 2 to 100
  • Connectivity to an existing office network through VPN configuration

Axelera networking solutions are flexible, scalable and will server your present requirements with a design to take care of your future growth.

Web & Application Hosting

Axelera’s Application Hosting Platform provides all the tools and systems needed to develop, test, install, run and optimise your applications.

We provide a highly flexible and robust cloud environment, specifically geared towards internet-based applications.

Benefit from features including rapid server deployment, usage-based billing, GUI and API access, multi-tier storage systems, and DDOS protection.

The platform is designed for both Linux and Windows based systems and allows easy integration of DIY with managed components such as SQL and Email server clusters.

Axelera's platform is dedicated to cloud-based solutions combining dynamic compute, storage and networking infrastructure through a high availability system with multiple zones across multiple geographic regions within Australia.

No capital expenditure only operating expenditure.

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