Managed Cloud

Managed Cloud is the answer to business mobility, infrastructure flexibility, high availability, cost reductions and a disaster recovery plan.  Axelera maintains and manages the infrastructure which is critical to keeping your core business operating at optimum levels.

Business is operating in an increasingly competitive environment.  To get ahead and stay in the lead, business needs to focus on its strengths, with technology playing a major part in the business strategy.

Your IT professionals should be working to align technology with your business goals. If you have a problem with the electricity or plumbing in your office, chances are you don’t have an electrician or plumber on staff, so you outsource the problem solving and maintenance to someone whose business it is to look after the wires and pipes.

If you want to move to the cloud, it makes sense to do the same for your IT infrastructure.

Cloud computing opens up more options for your business such as mobility, flexibility, around the clock availability, cost reductions and managed disaster recovery.  But it takes resources and know-how.

Managed cloud is the answer. 

There is no need for dedicated resources in-house and the Axelera team have the knowledge and expertise to keep your business operational 24 x 7, by hosting, managing and maintaining your virtual machines, backups, upgrades, monitoring and reporting - all the mechanics.

There is a choice of Cloud to suit your type of business.  All infrastructure and support is local.  A single subscription fee with added security.  Making the change to managed cloud is as simple as getting started.

Public, Private, and Hybrid

Every business is different, its core focus, type of customers and approach to market, so it makes sense their use of cloud computing will be different. And with multiple choices in cloud, restricted environments are a thing of the past.

Fast moving, forward-thinking organisations moving to the Cloud have a choice between public, private or a combination – a hybrid cloud.

Public Cloud is best suited to organisations looking for economies of scale where services, software, applications and storage solutions are all available over the Internet.

Organisations requiring more customisation and freedom to integrate legacy systems into a virtualised, hosted environment will find Private Cloud is a good fit for their needs.  They can tailor a solution to suit their IT strategy which adheres to existing internal policies and regulations.

Hybrid Cloud is the solution incorporating a mix of public and private cloud which satisfies customers, mobile staff, security issues and flexibility, the best of all worlds.  An organisation may choose to keep legacy infrastructure in-house fully backed up into Axelera’s environment or they could host mission critical workloads in the cloud managing risk and improving application performance and the end-user experience all around.

Regardless of which cloud environment suits, a specialist team in control and managing your cloud project is always nice to have and Axelera provides just that, expertise and peace of mind.

Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service

Always “open for business” satisfying the increasing demands of the end user.  

Cloud services facilitate comprehensive Disaster Recovery solutions to get you through a disaster without loss of time and revenue.  It is all about recovery speed and reliability.

Disaster Recovery solutions include:

  • Data Replication and/or Off-Site Storage - The simplest way to take advantage of our services in order to minimise impact on your business.       
  • Data and System Replication with Stand-By Computing Resources - In case of disaster at your primary location, you will be able to start up most or your entire IT infrastructure within your own private cloud network.

Using the proprietary Axelera Private Cloud we can replicate your entire office network into your own private cloud so when you start the virtual machines inside it, they will work straight away, no need to change IPs, hostnames or network drive configurations.

  • Distributed Environment with Full Replication -  Our cloud infrastructure is more secure, and efficient than most office environments.  We provide a high-speed, low latency internet connection direct from our cloud to your office with unlimited data transfer, allowing your staff to access your servers as if they were in your office. For ultimate redundancy and peace of mind, we can setup reverse replication of your cloud hosted servers back into your office.

Sharepoint and SQL Database

Microsoft SharePoint is a web application framework that integrates intranet, content management and document management with a secure web-based collaborative platform.

Axelera provides reliable and scalable options for hosting your organisation’s MS SharePoint application.

MS SharePoint hosted in the cloud adds another layer of efficiency, results in cost savings to your business and takes away the complexity of managing resources in-house.

When it comes to making the most of SQL Database and SQL Server, Axelera’s scalable hosting optimises their performance.

From complex, distributed MSSQL clusters, to Master/Slave, Master/Master, Master/Slave/Slave MySQL clusters and fully scalable Postgres clusters, we have the expertise to design and manage database systems with even the most complex and critical requirements.

In a managed environment, our team employs best practices to improve on performance and provides you with database monitoring, alerts and insights.

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