Managed Azure™

Microsoft Azure™ is a collection of integrated services - compute, storage, data, networking and apps.  To put it simply, it is a combination of managed and unmanaged services enabling your team to build, deploy and manage applications any way they like.

Axelera provides the “management layer”, providing round the clock support, ensuring optimisation and providing access to Azure Pack, as well as monitoring performance.

Microsoft Azure™ is secure and stable.  It is scalable to suit fluctuations in traffic, load balanced and has a high level of redundancy plus the added value of a managed service by Axelera’s qualified team.

Services include and are not limited to:

  • The implementation and configuration of Azure/Azure Pack
  • Integration with existing applications
  • Cloud storage, backup and recovery
  • Comprehensive system reporting
  • Applying all system updates and upgrades           
  • The integration and management of Hybrid cloud infrastructure including capacity optimisation between Azure and on-premises or off-premises
  • Network connectivity with high availability, security and compliance
  • Various environments such as  SharePoint and SQL Server deployed and managed
  • Your on-premises environment extended and the flexibility to move workloads to the cloud with the easy migration of VMs.
  • Management of both development and test environments for your projects
  • Deployment and management of Secure Identity Services, using Azure Active Directory across Azure and on-premises

Microsoft Azure™ is hybrid ready and supports any operating system, language, tool, and framework— from Windows to Linux, SQL Server to Oracle, C# to Java.

Microsoft Azure™ is an enterprise-tested platform that powers 99.95% availability SLA, 24x7 tech support, and round-the-clock service health monitoring.

Take advantage of our knowledge and expertise, place your workloads in Microsoft Azure™ at competitive rates and without a minimum commitment.

Azure Virtual Machines

Faster than a Formula 1 pit stop, you can launch Azure™ Windows Server and Linux instances in minutes.

Azure™ Virtual Machines provide an infinite number of options including premium storage, high availability, disaster recovery and hybrid solutions which create a secure bridge between private and public clouds in a seamless and automated manner.

Managed by Axelera, you can rely on the performance and functionality of a world renowned platform, leaving our team in charge of the maintenance, configuration, patching, and upgrading of the operating system.

Azure Backup

Your business is empowered by the simplicity of Azure™ Backup.

Utilising the versatile Azure™ Backup Agent you will benefit from truly global, geo-replicated storage which ensures consistency, availability and the integrity of your on-premises backup data.

Axelera administers, manages and schedules backups according to your business needs without disruption to your operations.

All done without an initial expense and with affordable pricing. That’s a lot of benefits and stress free.

Azure Site Recovery

Ironclad business continuity through the replication, failover and recovery features of Azure™ Site Recovery.  Tested, tried, scalable and straightforward.

Unique to Azure™ Site Recovery, you have multiple choices for replication including another Azure instance, your own datacentre or another hosting service provider.

Whatever your preference for a sound Disaster Recovery strategy, the team at Axelera will help you protect your business by managing the recovery or replication of your applications and data, on either physical or virtual machines.

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