Gone are the days when managed services amounted to a periodic support call and quick fixes. At Axelera, managed services are proactive, collaborative and all about establishing effective strategies for your business.

Managed Services are a core function for our team which has a focus on some select but critical aspects -

  • providing simple yet time and cost efficient solutions
  • guiding you through the best course of action
  • achieving your desired level of customisation
  • supporting you with prompt, pro-active and personal customer service

Our Managed Services

  • monitor the performance of applications and infrastructure
  • provide alerts to avert potential problems
  • distribute resources to cater for changing workloads
  • and provide regular data and statistics to support your business activities

Combined with Managed Cloud, Managed Services will quickly confirm its value to your operations.  Outsourcing will no longer be a burden and instead be a strategic move in the growth of your business.

Find out more about our Service Levels below and find the right fit for your workloads.


Self-Service IaaS Foundation OS Ops Management


Professional Services

Project Management & Consultancy

IT projects are often difficult to implement due to the complexities presented by commissioning hardware, installing software, configuring networks, vendor management, budgetary challenges, time management and many other factors.

At Axelera, our professional, qualified team meets IT projects head on by defining the success KPIs of our customers right at the start.  This can only be achieved by employing proven, standard processes and by diligently monitoring the life cycle of the project from initiation through planning, execution, monitoring and finally completion.

Axelera delivers best practice processes, the realisation of stated outcomes and works in collaboration with your team, with a healthy dose of common sense along the way.

Solution Design

One of the most critical stages in technology management is the design of solutions.  Solutions cannot just be a good fit for your business when initially implemented, they must remain relevant to your business during their lifecycle, they must not create risk and must have scope to grow.

Axelera is committed to delivering well-crafted solutions realising your IT blueprint and justifying your investment.


A migration which is on time, on budget and delivers your stated goals without any nasty surprises?  This is how Axelera migrates your IT environment to the Cloud.

It all starts with a comprehensive assessment of your current environment to work out a plan which will satisfy your requirements, with the least disruption to your operations.

A well-managed project, which can be complex but not complicated, following a tested and proven process is a substantial benefit of using Axelera, a cloud specialist.

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